Hello Mister and other poems

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To the room of friction
and mahogany panting,
a frisky American
from a whip handshaking.

Henri Majesty

hello mister and other poems
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Triple X poems

hello mister and other poems

Adults only. Poems about fucking and the emotions it illicits. Art and fornication, well, not that much art.

If you want
we can dare to try for more
and open up the dark again
using the will of two strong men
with a risk of getting sore
if you want.

If you

My third poetry book is 47 more poems in my frank style, all about sex. Not the romantic, greeting card fluff. Sex. There's a fair few regular poems as well on this, that, and the other.

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  • 47 original poems for adults on a variety of topics.
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Poems in Hello Mister
(in the order they appear in the book)

Disrobe for starters
Rugged northern pooch
Dubstep fumbling
Pandora's flat
If you

Black mirror
Dead light
Dicking on Facebook
Henri majesty
Little devil
Sugar and honey
More tea vicar

Hello mister
That night
I crossed a line
The lament for Constantine
Out of office
Dear child
Braveheart Twatface

Grade three
Head clamp
Resting moment
Riots in the road
Sound by sight
The slightest sign
My sister came in
Clod child

Nan, missing
My house
Tate Modern
Bloodied splinter memories
The president who killed
Shape, line, colour, foul.
Those people

Mary’s Lamb
After the chinky
The vanishing self
Revision and preparation
Rage on the wall
Stomping Stalactites

Never a woof or a howl
in the unhuman sound
from this toxicated night
but an acrid rambling
in the powder dead light.

Dead Light

hello mister and other poems
e-book / paperback

Hello Mister on Amazon Kindle

Hello Mister on ibooks