Mohawk Man and other poems

My debut poetry book has 50 poems in my unique and forceful style.

Mohawk Man is contemporary poetry on a variety of topics including music, people, events, memories, and art, in a style that combines feeling and ideas expressed in a fresh voice.

He was never worth it
Everyone could smell his shit
He was never special
Just childish and Scottish

You knew he was wrong

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Expletives not deleted

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The book was almost called I was angry when I wrote this...but only a few poems are angry...

Yah, yah, trust fund, yah
Offshore, invest, footsie, yah
Feeling pinch, one but-lar
Yah, yah, coping, yah

Terribly posh

There are strong views, sharp words and stinging honesty in every poem. (Swearing, in other words). And lots of them. Some as part of the rhyme too.

You will never read poems like this anywhere else - there is anger, humour, clarity and a forceful writing style that lifts of the page and lodges into your brain.

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  • Identical content to the paperback version.
  • ebook format with chapter links.
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  • ISBN: 9780956479211
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  • 50 original poems for adults on a variety of topics.
  • 74 pages, 132mm x 197mm x 5mm.
  • ISBN: 9780956479204
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Poems in Mohawk Man
(in the order they appear in the book)

Towel in the rain
Johnny Smithy is no shirt-lifter
High ring of flowers
Take your hat
You knew he was wrong

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Lesbian Maximus
Mohawk man
Through The Strand
Party Parade
Monstrous carbuncle
Windscreen birdsong
Manly feline

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Gene Anthony Ray
Wandy Ahole
Ghandi Bovine
Caspy Waaspy
The caves
The Litany
Prime Minister Liar

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Quantum of solace
Annus Fantasticus
Ode to misery
Semitones off
Living dead
Laugh out loud

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Breach the peach
Cuban panther
Fat ass Christmas
Three cheers
Terribly posh
Career indie band
Doth the goth

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Artist's statement
Worship the devil
Laurels, hardly
Doughnut manifesto
Declare independence
Exit stage left

It's fantastic
to watch the exploding arc
and perfect texture fan,
bursting from a quiet nape...

Mohawk Man

mohawk man cover
e-book / paperback

Mohawk Man on Amazon Kindle

Mohawk Man paperback

Mohawk Man on ibooks